KCAH was set up in 1993 by over 50 churches in the Royal Borough of Kingston. The churches recognised that there was a housing and homelessness problem in the area and that it needed to be addressed by a professional housing advice service.

KCAH was registered as and unincorporated registered charity on 26 April 1993.

On 18 March 1999, a company limited by guarantee was formed to take over the activities and assets of the unincorporated charity from 1 October 1999.

For six winters up to February 2014, KCAH worked in partnership with churches across the borough that opened their buildings to provide accommodation for homeless people during the coldest months of the year.

In June 2014, the Joel Community Trust opened a 10-bed night shelter at St Peter's Church, Norbiton.

In December 2016, KCAH moved to offices at St Peter's Church, Norbiton, alongside the night shelter run by Joel Community Trust now providing 14 beds.