At KCAH we enable people to rebuild their lives by addressing the fundamental reasons why they have become homeless. Our organisation offers much more than just advice, shelter and food. KCAH provides lasting solutions that restore self-esteem and confidence. When you donate money to KCAH, you are helping to get people out of homelessness for good.

There are many different ways of contributing financially to KCAH's work.

You can:

  • Send or deliver cheques (made out to "KCAH") or cash to us at St Peter’s Church Hall, London Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6QL
  • Contribute on a regular basis by standing order with your bank, eg monthly, quarterly, annually. Download a Standing Order Form and, if applicable, a Gift Aid Form.
  • Make a one-off or regular payments on-line through Virgin Giving - click the box on the left (or bottom). If you wish, you can remain anonymous.

If you are willing to consider the possibility of leaving KCAH money in your will, please contact Camilla Wheal on for further information.


 Our youngest supporter Noah who in May had a toy sale and donated the money raised to KCAH. Here with KCAH Operational Director Matt Hatton.