We are currently taking donations of the following items:

Sleeping bags
(New) men's underwear (preferably boxer shorts)
(New) men's socks
Travel sized men's deodorant
Men's winter coats - have to protect against very cold temperatures, be waterproof and preferable have a hood and be quilted. Zips, buttons etc have to be in working order.
We currently do not need any more donations of hats and scarves.

If you would like to make a donation, please email camilla.w@kcah.org.uk or call 0208 255 7400 to arrange a time to donate at our office. We are a small team and we are often in client meetings, unable to accept unscheduled donations so we want to ensure that disappointment is avoided.

If you would like to donate furniture, we recommend that you contact Kingston Community Furniture, who we work closely with, on 0208 942 5500. Unfortunatly KCAH can't accept furniture due to lack of storage space.


For food donations, we recomment the local Foodbank.